Jogaila’s Residence is the first and so far the only one prestigious project in Vilnius the design of which has been exclusively tailored to the needs of the residents: a rest zone/library with terraces leading to a private backyard. Located in the cradle of culture right next to Gediminas Avenue, this project has been professionally developed for a person of refined taste and with the highest life quality expectations. Maximum comfort, privacy and quality – these are the major aims of the developer which play the leading role in shaping architectural and technical characteristics of the building.

Jogaila’s Residence seems to combine the historical legacy and the new modern world: the front elevation depicts typical ancient eclectic, meanwhile, the facade of its backyard is, on the contrary, an example of modernity and contemporary luxury. Professionally designed 21 apartments are customised for different people. The largest areas are designed on the top floors of the building the future residents of which will enjoy two-level apartments. Those who look for an accommodation to invest in will be also able to choose from perfectly arranged apartments with optimal area. Most of the apartments have spacious terraces and balconies and face the backyard. For the pleasure of all in-dwellers, the backyard will have a common-use green rest zone installed. In addition, up to 50 car spaces are planned and a special bicycle storage facility in the underground car park.

Jogaila’s Residence is a lavish accommodation overwhelmed with the spirit of the Old Town and featuring modern dynamics will surpass even your highest expectations.

Jogaila’s Residence is more than a usual residential building, it is a residence.



Jogaila’s Residence is being built in the very heart of the city, right next to the main street of the city, namely, Gediminas Avenue.

It is a project situated in the cradle culture which is found at few minutes walking distance from the State Small Theatre of Vilnius, the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre, and the Lithuanian National Drama Theatre. Plenty of restaurants, cafes, luxurious shops, a number of Vilnius city centre and the Old Town culture and art institutions, as well as the old architectural ensembles are found at a few steps’ distance from the Residence. You will reach Gediminas Castle, the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania, the Cathedral and Lukiškės squares in less than 5 minutes. Walking along the narrow historical streets of the Old Town you will get to splendid restaurants, cafes and shops.

Those who like morning walks in the fresh air will find the reconstructed Bernardine Garden, Kalnai Park (Park of Hills) in the vicinity or the bank of the Neris which is perfect for active free time. To relax after the dynamic and busy life of Vilnius city centre or the Old Town, you can always return to your private space ‒ the exclusive home in Jogaila’s Residence.

Technical Solutions

The apartments are tailored to different needs and purposes. The designed areas of the apartments vary from 45 to 160 square metres. Exceptionally for the needs of the residents a rest zone/library with terraces leading to the private backyard is to be  installed. An inseparable architectural legacy of the apartments is the extremely high ceiling. Majority of the apartments face the backyard where most of terraces and balconies have been designed. In this way the residents will be isolated from the daily city life and rush. To ensure even more efficient isolation from noise, soundproof windows are to be installed. All apartments will have recuperation systems. An underground car park has been designed for the convenience of the residents, an elevator is to be installed as well as bicycle storage facility.  

The anticipated end of construction – 2017, IV quarter.

Technical Solutions



Jogaila’s Residence is the project found in the cradle of culture, built in one of the most convenient places in Vilnius city, namely, at the beginning of Jogaila Street, next to Gediminas Avenue.  


It is the first and so far the only one prestigious project in Vilnius the design of which has been exclusively tailored to the needs of the residents: a rest zone/library with terraces leading to a private backyard. Residence for those who expect the best!


Spacious terraces of the apartments face the backyard thus creating the area outside as private as possible (to the maximum). 
A cosy backyard with green zones is a place for a breathing-space only a few steps away from your home.